Maths is all around !

                           Last craft for 2018!  A Christmas card
full of geometric shapes (squares and triangles)! 



On-the-spot holiday calendar

This discussion activity is done as a class and works best now that Christmas is right around the corner and I am sure everyone is eager to go on break!
In teaching a language, much of what we do in the classroom should involve students opening their mouths and trying out the target language. There is, of course, room for grammar, syntax and proper sentence construction, but what’s more important is to give opportunities for students to speak—to feel how the words and phrases roll off their tongues.
First step is to provide a meaningful context.
“Children have fun in Christmas! Well, that’s a fact, but why?”
Let the students have at it—with all the mistakes they can muster. Not only allow them to use the language, but also give the students the clear permission to make mistakes. Be there to help and guide them!
 Let them express their thoughts.
Do you like holidays?
Do you enjoy Christmas?
 What do you usually do?
What do you fancy most?
You can actually spend the whole session with just that question.
The final mind map can serve as a holiday calendar. They can check how many of these are going to make happen during their holidays. (At least this is what my students promised to do, it’s their task!).