Coding (3)

There are many languages of Coding.

Whether plugged or unplugged Coding is integrated in our curriculum and eTwinning projects.

Great material for the EFL class  practicing vocabulary taught.


Coding for 1st Graders (2)


Coding  is one of the most essential 21st-century skills.

Coding opens the door to plenty of opportunities to acquire life skills.

Coding nurtures creativity. It is a fundamentally creative process, starting with nothing and finishing with something.

Coding encourages a child to benefit from the satisfaction through the process.

It encourages kids to experiment, explore their ideas, question their assumptions, make mistakes and learn from them.

Coding can help children build math skills and make learning math more engaging and fun.

Coding develops problem-solving skills.

Through coding, children learn to quickly fix and try again in different ways when something doesn’t work out. Coding also equips kids with the ability to stick with a problem and work on finding a solution. This problem-solving technique is transferable to a lot of other fields.

Coding enables computational thinking

Coding promotes learning by doing.

Active engagement facilitates kids with deep learning and encourages mistakes, notice wrong movements, and how to learn from those.


Coding for 1st Graders (1)

 Since it is our job as educators to prepare students for the future, it is important to introduce them to more challenging learning opportunities.

This project is about helping students of the 1st grade share their daily life at school in the framework of eTwinning action STEM 2.0 

Through STEM activities and CODING we help them improve:

sequencing skills


logical thinking

cause and effect skills

computational thinking