"2018 Best English Education Website Awards"

I must say I feel really honored to receive this award as one of the best websites for English-language educators and students.  The joy is greater because the top websites are chosen by the readers of POQ . Thank you all.

Hide and Seek in the classroom

This variation on Hide and Seek proved to be a great no-prep game for my 2nd grade this week.
I divided the class in half.
The first pair sent their "seeker" into the hall for 20 seconds while the "hider" hid a piece of  colored paper somewhere in the room. There was a letter written on it (one of those being taught so far).
The "seeker" returned and looked for the paper all around the class (not in anyone's personal belongings-not on my desk). When he/she found the piece of paper, s/he had to tell us one word beginning with this exact letter. At the end we collected the points gained for the two groups (one point if the piece of paper was found and one point if a word beginning with this letter was found).
 My students knew the purpose of this game was to remember the alphabet letters and words taught with them.​​

Sunny at school

The 3rd graders working on an Etwinning project had an unbelievable visit these days. Sweetie Sunny set off from Malta, went to England for a few days and then came to us!

The kids got thrilled!!

Sunny was their company in their English class

Maths class                        Environmental Studies

He made new friends
       We made cards all together

We ate our snack together
He is off to Portugal now but we already miss him!

Quilling alphabet

It’s unbelievable what you can find while searching on the Net.I have to admit these are the most beautiful alphabet letters I have ever seen.(credits to www.crazycraft.com)