Around the world in an hour     (Just click on the map)          
         In the heart of summer just thinking of traveling around.  Here is a project of my 5th grade kids.
They worked in groups separately which means they made their own choices about what they would present to us.
The task was “Tell us about your favourite city”.
After searching for information and organizing them, they started their presentation and the journey began : from Greece to Rio in South America ,then to New York, USA, after that Beijing, China and Sydney ,Australia. We came back to Europe in London, Paris, Tirana and Rome.
When presenting their favourite city, they had to explain why they chose it. Some of their answers were:
“I like it because I know it from the famous carnival (Rio)”
“I like it because I want to go there when I grow up (London)”
“I like it because my uncle lives there (Sydney)”
“I like it because it’s my hometown (Tirana)”
Anyway it was a wonderful journey and we really enjoyed it a lot .The kids turned out to be excellent tour guides!