Time to talk about …seasons !

Today the kids had to answer the following question:
“What comes to your mind when I say SPRING or SUMMER or AUTUMN or WINTER. ”

What a perfect chance to remember and use previous learnt vocabulary concerning
(I like summer-I don’t like winter)
clothes ,colours,sizes
(My t-shirt is yellow/green/purple…big/small)
(I have a red and blue scarf)
(it’s cold/it’s hot /there is snow/there is rain/there are clouds)
(we go to school/we go to the sea/we make a snowman)

(we have a Christmas tree/star/presents)
(butterflies fly/the leaves are green or yellow/there are flowers in the gardens)
Drawing our ideas on the board proved to be a good way to encourage kids to speak out in the classroom and  communicate their ideas and of course overcome their fear of speaking.